Bathroom Essentials

Bathroom Essentials That Will Spice Up Any Washroom [Guide]

It doesn’t matter if you rent a small studio apartment or own a big house. Every home has one thing in common: They all have at least one bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower or tub.

While these are probably the three most important elements in a room, you need more. In fact, you need to add 35 other items.

Functional items every bathroom needs

Like every room in your home, your bathroom needs to be functional. If you can’t flush the toilet, run hot water in the sink, or empty the tub, it doesn’t do you much good.

Here are 13 things you need to make your bathroom function as it should:

Shower curtain liner

A shower curtain can provide the privacy you need when you’re in the tub, but without a shower curtain lining, you could end up spilling water all over the floor. Hang the plastic or vinyl lining behind the curtains and hang it inside the tub to keep the water from spilling.

Shower curtain

Shower curtains are a must unless you have glass doors covering your cubicle or closing in front of your tub.

Shower curtains come in almost every color, pattern and texture.

In a small bathroom with limited space, this may be one of the few opportunities for you to show off your personal style! Just make sure it’s the right width for your tub or cubicle and that you have the right hooks and rods to hang it on.


Unless you like to drip dry, you’ll need some towels. Buy a set of durable bath towels or bath towels to dry off after the shower. The more towels you have, the less laundry you have to do!

It’s also helpful to have a wall hook or towel rail near the shower so you can get your towels when you go out.

Bath mat

There was no way to avoid it – the bathroom floor got wet. To prevent slipping when you get out of the tub, put an absorbent bath mat on the floor before the shower. Stepping out of the bathtub with wet feet can be a serious hazard.

Toilet paper

It’s no fun to go to the toilet to realize there is no TP nearby. Toilet paper is one of those things that you can never put too much in the bathroom. It won’t go bad, it won’t go out of date, and it will last forever.

Toilet paper holder

There are many ways to store toilet paper—baskets on the floor, wall-mounted dispensers, freestanding paper holders, etc. Wherever you choose to store yours, try to keep a spare volume nearby in case the volume runs out.


A mirror is a bathroom must-have that not only allows you to admire yourself and revel in how cute you are. This is a must so you can check yourself to make sure no toothpaste is running down your chin when you’re done brushing!

Toothbrush holder

If you have an electric toothbrush, you can do without a toothbrush holder, but if you use a manual toothbrush, you must have one. Put it on your sink or vanity, hide it in your medicine cabinet, or keep it in a cabinet near the sink.

With so many small and inexpensive toothbrush holders on the market, there’s no reason to lay your toothbrush flat on the edge of the sink.

Manual soap dispenser

Good hygiene is a must, so keep a soap dispenser over the sink so you can wash your hands after using the toilet. This way, you’ll never have to grab the bathroom door handle with your dirty hands!

Trash can

Even if it’s small, it’s important to have a trash can next to the toilet or sink. You probably won’t create a lot of litter in your bathroom, but if you have guests over, you’ll want to make sure they have a place to throw tissues and feminine products.

Do yourself a favor and add a trash can liner so it doesn’t get dirty inside!


Every bathroom needs a plunger. Pipes are clogged, toilets stop working, and water sometimes overflows. Always have the plunger ready in the event of a toilet emergency.

Non-slip shower mat

Shower and tub became slippery. According to the CDC, about 235,000 people visit the emergency room each year for bathroom injuries. 60% of injuries occur when entering, leaving or slipping in a shower or bathtub.

Minimize the risk by adding a non-slip shower mat to the tub. Many of them have sucker feet so they don’t move around. Remember to peel it off and clean its bottom regularly. If the bottom is not cleaned, mold can form.

Tissue box

It’s normal to breathe in dust while sleeping, so it’s common to wake up in the morning wanting to blow your nose. Put a tissue box on the back of your toilet tank or on a bathroom shelf so you know where to find the tissue you need.

What are the items in each bathroom?

Bathrooms may be small compared to other rooms, but a lot of small things are needed to create a stylish and functional room design.

Fortunately, items on this list can be found in all different price points and all different styles. This means you can stick to your budget and create a bathroom you can be proud to show off!