Siv Strainer

This kitchen utensil that is used to strain liquids such as boiling water or to sift dry ingredients, such as flour or powdered sugar. It is also great for filtering fine grains like quinoa, flour, rice and sugar. Its deep bowl allows for more product than other strainers.
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Product Details of Siv Strainer

Product Introduction

Our siv strainer is made of first class Stainless Steel, which is rust free and durability. It will never affect the taste of your food. It has perforated holes or mesh and is available in many different shapes and sizes. Holes in the frame allow for water draining to help eliminate rusting and bacterial growth.

This siv strainer has a long wire heat-resistant handle that offers a comfortable, sturdy grip. The frames containing hooks, which allow the Sieve to rest easily on top of pots or bowls while other may have formed handles for use in holding up to the edges of pots and pans. It is also dishwasher safe and strong enough to handle frequent use without warping or bending out of shape.


Product Name:

Siv strainer

Item Number:


Metal type

Stainless steel




This mesh skimmer is suitable for strain tea coffee powder, juice, rice, vegetable, fruit,flour etc


Catering accessories, kitchen cooking tools, restaurant,home, kitchen


1) Mesh Strainer Depth: 3.5cm, Diameter: 9cm

2): Mesh Strainer Depth: 5cm, Diameter: 10cm

3)Mesh Strainer Depth: 5cm, Diameter: 12cm

4)Mesh Strainer Depth: 5cm, Diameter: 12cm

5)Mesh Strainer Depth:5.5cm, Diameter: 14cm

6)Mesh Strainer Depth: 6cm, Diameter: 16cm

7)Mesh Strainer Depth: 7cm, Diameter: 18cm



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