A brief discussion on the types of stainless steel barbecue net

Apr 07, 2021

Stainless steel grill net: stainless steel grill net is stainless steel wire mesh welded on stainless steel frame, after polishing treatment, can achieve mirror effect.

Stainless steel barbecue net features: thick wire diameter, barbecue deformation; The surface is bright and clean.

Korean barbecue net: Korean barbecue net mainly consists of barbed wire welded to the wire frame, then galvanized barbecue net. Part of barbecue net handle. Some Korean consumers use galvanized wire mesh, which has been cut out with no other processing on the edges

Euramerican style barbecue grill: EurAmerican style barbecue grill is a barbecue used by European and American consumers. The material is stainless steel wire or iron wire. European and American style barbecue grill is generally welded with coarse iron wire, the surface treatment is chrome, nickel, galvanized, etc., there are also stainless steel barbecue grill polished after welding with stainless steel wire; Has a handle. Fine workmanship and beautiful appearance are required.

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