About New Spice Basket

Apr 29, 2021

A sprinkle of paprika or a dash of red pepper elevates the most basic dish, but a jumble of spice jars on your counter gives your kitchen a cluttered look. Tame your collection of seasonings with these genius spice organizers that fit drawers, cabinets, and countertops. Or if you're short on space, secure your spice bottles to the fridge or cupboard door to maximize the little space that you have. Not only are these super-smart ways to organize your spices satisfying to look at it (the labels! the clear jars!), but they'll also save you time and stress each and every time you cook. Even better: If your spices are organized and clearly labeled, you'll have a better idea of what you already have, so you don't buy duplicates at the grocery store — you've been there and done that.

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