Are your asphalt racks really sanitary

Jul 19, 2020

1. Asphalt holder material

A safe high quality asphalt wear is the most important material, because it is long-term and water, detergent and other contact, the general family will use good 304 stainless steel asphalt wear.

2. Capacity of asphalt scaffolding

The capacity size of asphalt wears affects receive ability directly. The general family is more suitable for the use of large capacity. Lengthening, widening and thickening of 304 stainless steel bit-water rack for each tableware on the left and right of the independent partition place, high double layer design, do not touch the table, clean and sanitary.

3. Easy disassembly

High quality water holder for bowls, plates, chopsticks, knives... Tools such as design of different storage accessories. Can disassemble at will, free combination, satisfy different receive excessive water demand, and installation is very convenient also. The close design of water tray can draw water, avoid embarrassment of damp mesa, maintain the whole kitchen clean and tidy.

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