The action that cisterna water wears

Jul 02, 2020

More water vegetables need to be waterlogged: often cooking friends know, spinach, Chinese cabbage, rape and other green leaves and bean sprouts moisture content more, if it is to wash the vegetables directly stir fry, very easy fryer collapse, and will fry a lot of water, directly affect the taste of vegetables. If the use of water before saute a water, can also be sprinkled with an appropriate amount of salt, water will soon be drained.

Washed fruit needs to be worn: washed apple, grape, peach and other fruit surface has a lot of water, sometimes can not be a one-time eat, but every time eat wash again very troublesome, with water preservation easy to rot. Can drain first in asphalted water basket at this moment, put in dish to save again after drying, can avoid the trouble that washes each time already, what can safeguard fruit is stored again.

Dish bowl chopsticks need asphalt: dish bowl chopsticks in the wash, the surface is stained with a lot of water drops, sometimes water droplets will contain trace of harmful to the human body washing spirit, so this time we can dish bowl chopsticks in the asphalt basket leach, to avoid excessive residual water. In addition, water retention can shorten the life and safety of wooden chopsticks, so it needs to be drained as soon as possible.

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