The barbecue net should be cleaned in time

Jul 13, 2020

The birth of barbecue net let more people fall in love with barbecue, also let more people can experience the happiness of diy barbecue. While people enjoy the delicious barbecue, they also worry about how to better clean the barbecue net, because the process of barbecue is relatively greasy, plus according to the barbecue food is not the same easy to appear oil stains, etc., these belong to oily stubborn stains, which makes a lot of people after enjoying the delicious barbecue net for this. In order to reassure you teach you a good way.

BBQ net can not be anxious when cleaning, the surface must be wet, it is good to slightly soak in water, water with some detergent can be, five minutes later with a brush along the BBQ net cleaning sequence, must be forced, after a flush with water. Small make up here must remind everyone even if the barbecue net can not clean up also do not casually use other chemicals to deal with, because a lot of chemicals in the open fire will produce harmful chemicals to the human body, using barbecue net barbecue is delicious, health is more.

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