The importance of an excellent waterrack

Jul 20, 2020

As the saying goes: "disease comes from the mouth", in addition to eat to health, we eat the chopsticks also need to maintain health. But we ordinary people's household wooden chopsticks, such as easily moldy, if the washed chopsticks casually shake the water, directly into the disinfection cabinet or cabinet, cabinet because of moisture residual dampness, not able to thoroughly the plate will breed bacteria. Right now, have a wonderful dish dish water rack appears particularly important.

Also known as the asphalt basket, can also be called bowl rack. It can serve as the finishing of bowl chopsticks already, can drop water again. Bowls, plates, spoons, chopsticks, shovels... All the tools we use can be put on top of the asphalt.

With this good helper, the washed dishes can be put straight in. When the chopsticks are drained, they will be stored in the cupboard, which will neither make the table wet nor make the chopsticks mouldy and smelly.

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