The role of stainless steel wine rack

Jul 06, 2020

1. Ordinary family type red wine cannot be drunk all at once. During storage, let the wine come in contact with the bottle stopper and keep the cork moist in contact with the liquor, or tilt it at a small Angle, so that the cork comes in contact with the liquor and the wine residue is deposited on the bottom. If the cork is dry, it will contract and leak air, which will make the wine taste bad, so lay it across.

2. The initial design of red wine rack is just for convenience when people cannot drink red wine in a better storage, but as the design is constantly updated, gradually the red wine rack is also the same as red wine, meaning for a kind of taste, all kinds of strange red wine rack emerge in endlessly! Seems a bit out of tune with this taste, perhaps life is more interesting.

3. Stainless steel wine rack can also be said to be a decoration, so that the overall look more upscale, more tasteful.

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