Tips for cleaning blackened barbecue nets

Jul 16, 2020

1. Before barbecue, because the barbecue net was washed after the last barbecue, first rinse the barbecue net with water, then heat it in the carbon oven and put the barbecue net on the oven for heating.

2. Wipe with half an onion during the heating process. Pick up the barbecue net with a carbon clip, then grab the kitchen paper towel stained with oil with the barbecue clip and wipe the barbecue net clean.

3. After a barbecue, the barbecue net will turn black due to the relationship between the charcoal fire and food debris, so take it off the barbecue grill and soak it in warm water.

4. After soaking for a period of time, take out the barbecue net, apply cleaning agent to each thread, and then use iron brush ball brush.

5. Because of the soaking, the residue is easy to brush off. After washing, dry it with paper and place it on a warm barbecue grill.

6. Roughly repeat step 2 and rub in a small amount of oil to prevent the grill net from rusting.

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