Dish Rack

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As one of the leading dish rack manufacturers and suppliers in China for over 20 years, we warmly welcome you to wholesale customized dish rack made in China here from our factory. Good service and cheap products are available. 200mm Pull Out Wire Basket, Wire Storage Basket, Metal Fine Strainer

Dish racks are essential for homes without a dishwasher. They also make a nice compliment to a home with a dishwasher when all cookware isn't dishwasher safe. There are several different styles to choose from, and you can find cutlery racks that function as cutlery drainers or cutlery and utensil drainers. Think about what kind of utensils you will be washing, and how often you will determine which style will best suit your needs as the best utensil rack. Stainless steel cutlery racks are popular because they don't rust, but have a nice, modern look.

If you want to avoid using a towel or drying pad when washing dishes, a dishwasher may be your best option. These drains provide slotted pan racks and utensil boxes that work by angling slightly. When placed next to the sink, make sure the sloping base of the dishwasher is just above the edge of the sink. At this point, the water just runs from the dish drainer to the sink so you don't have to dry dishes or wipe off excess water from the counter. Hand washing dishes isn't so bad when you have the right tools to help you. Available in different colors and sizes, check out our selection of dishwashers for your kitchen!

The 2-tier dish rack is perfect for those who wash dishes and utensils frequently. Offering plenty of drying space, the 2-tier rack gives you plenty of space for bowls, plates, cups or mugs, and cutlery. Place directly on the kitchen counter so you can easily wash dishes and dry them on this rack without having to go to the rack. Many stainless steel cutlery racks have slotted plate racks, so you know your plates and bowls will stay in place and won't roll off. Another great feature is the cup or cup holder on the side, which will just help optimize your space for washing and drying dishes. To complete the rack, you'll also want to look for a cutlery box - check out one that's removable for cleaning or rinsing between uses.

We also offer portable cutlery racks that provide dry space when you need it, and then fold up neatly for storage between uses. Some portable cutlery racks feature a standard wood design, while others attach to drying pads that absorb excess moisture. Either style gives you the flexibility to display the dish racks only when you need them, and the compact design makes them easy to store, even if your kitchen has limited storage space. Find dishrack products at Yesying manufacturer