Deep Fryer Oil Strainer

​The Longwin Fryer Filter Stand is designed with folding arms for easy and compact storage.
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Product Details of Deep Fryer Oil Strainer

Product Introduction

The Longwin Fryer Filter Stand is designed with folding arms for easy and compact storage.

Longwin hardware products range from tabletop to kitchen utensils to food preparation supplies. Our Deep fryer oil strainer can hold a maximum temperature to 120 Degree F, if higher, product will dissolve. Each filter stand is designed with steel wire arms that can attach to the sides of your deep fryer so-as-to hold a filter while you filter your oil. Make filtering your oil much easier with this Deep fryer oil strainer. Made to ensure a long-life span. Withstands spills and long exposure to heat. Fits any deep fryers with an opening smaller than 18 inches. This will make an excellent Maple Syrup Filter Cone holder. Longwin Filter cones are used by all food service and hospitality industry experts worldwide.

Feedback from customers:

●Just what I was looking for. It’s heavier than my old one and well made.

●I bought this for home use. It is really designed for commercial use. It is fairly larger than what I need. It is very well designed and built. The arms really helps for storage

●This item, along with the filter has already paid for its self. Instead of throwing good cooking oil away after a cple uses i am able to filter and clean my oil and reuse the oil many times and get all the use possible before disposal.
Excellent purchase for all home fry cooks!

Product name

Deep fryer oil strainer

Model Number



Steel wire

Surface Treatment

Electro-polished/ Chrome plated

Product Size(mm)






Product Category:

Wire storage basket



Sample offer



300 PCS

Country of Origin


Plated Steel Fryer Oil Cone Filter Holder

Deep fryer oil strainer

grease filter cone rack

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