Wire Basket Drawer Slides

This slide out cabinet organizer was designed so that you can better utilize your kitchen cabinets.
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Product Details of Wire Basket Drawer Slides

Product Introduction

We know at times cabinet space can be extremely limited and that's why we designed our pull-out sliding shelving system. It installs in under 30 minutes and makes it super easy to store, organize, and access your spice rack, pots, pans, baking sheets, all your cook and bake wear, cleaning supplies, and various odds and ends.

Because this wire storage basket is manufactured with a ball bearing system the slide out will be smooth. Perfect for your kitchen, Bathroom and pantry storage organizing. This is great for you because now you won't have to waste time fighting with an under the cabinet system that gets stuck, breaks or is too loud.

Unlike other Wire basket drawer slides which don't provide, our kitchen cabinet roll out shelf features elegant heavy wire construction which is durable enough to handle everything that you put in it and giving definitive style to your organized cabinets.

A wire basket is a container made using an openwork pattern of metal. An alternative to a wicker or plastic basket, wire baskets can be used in the same way, such as to organize and store items in the home. ... Wire shopping baskets work well for storing all types of items. Drawer slides have two mating pieces. The drawer profile attaches to the drawer and slides into or rests on the cabinet profile, which attaches to the cabinet. Ball bearings or nylon rollers allow the parts to move smoothly past each other. Slides with ball bearings, top, typically carry heavier loads. 

Our cabinet organizer dimensions measure W395/445/495/595/695/795*D430*H140mm and includes step by step instructions along with all of the hardware necessary for easy installation.

How to Install 5 Types of Drawer Slides 

  1. Ball Bearing Drawer Slides.

  2. 2.Soft Close Ball Bearing Drawer Slides.

  3. 3.Bottom Mount Drawer Slides.

  4. 4.Side Mount Drawer Slides.

  5. 5.Center Mount Drawer Slides.


Model Number



Stainless Steel or steel

Wire Type

Heavy gauge stainless flat steel

Surface Treatment

Electro-polished/ chrome plating

Slide Rail Type

Damping soft closing slide /without soft-closing runner

Suitable Cabinet Size(mm)

400/450/500/600 / 700 / 800 / 900 mm

Product Size(mm)








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Country of Origin




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