Dish Drainer Basket Installation

Apr 06, 2021

Step 1. Select the right bit

Most manufacturers do not install  Dish Drainer Basket on the door. So decorate the person to want to learn to install oneself. The first step that installs cabinet to  Dish Drainer Basket is to choose a suitable bit namely. This requires a screw hole as screws are held in place. Different cabinet material and screw size require different drill. If your cabinets are made of hard material, choose a sturdy marble drill instead of a glass drill. And the person that decorate should pull the size of basket screw according to this ambry is hit on ambry and wall body the screw hole with an appropriate size.

Step 2. Install the screws

After the proper hole has been made in the right place, the screws should be installed. To the basket that ambry pulls when telling installation, also need a few rise plug, such ability can assure screw is fixed more firm, more durable. Of course, the plug needs to set aside some outside, this is convenient to place pull basket.

Step 3. Match the guide rail

The installation of the basket starts from the basket track, and matches the size of the basket track first. After the basket track is set up, the basket can be set up.

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