How Does Kitchen Sink Drain Basket Choose

Apr 02, 2021

1. The material

The material used for the tableware is critical because it is in contact with water, vinegar, alkali and other substances for a long time. Generally speaking, the use of 304 stainless steel material is better, can prevent rust, and there is a certain acid resistance (to avoid vinegar accidentally dropped on the corrosion shelf above), alkali resistance, more convenient when cleaning, wipe with a soft cloth on the line, we use the time will be long.

2. Capacity

The size of the plate and bowl rack is closely related to the number of people. To the situation with much population in the home, the proposal chooses a large capacity, lengthen the dish bowl rack that widens. Less population, the use of supplies is not much, you can choose a small capacity, so as not to occupy too much space.

3. Easy to disassemble

In the kitchen, there are a variety of cutlery, such as chopsticks, cups, plates, bowls, their use of accessories will be different, if you can disassemble at will, but also convenient installation, can meet our different needs.

4. Suggestion

The goods that use spatula, spoon these take put not suitable, how should do according to these special tableware, the proposal that gives you is to choose the dish bowl that can hang to wear, it is more appropriate.

5. Non-slip foot cover

The foot that asphaltic water wears is easy oversight, had better be the choose and buy contains those who prevent slippery foot to cover, achieve prevent slippery effect already so, when dish of the bowl is put above it, can firm a bit. Also rise to protect the ground at the same time, do not scratch mesa, not kill two birds with one stone?

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