The Choose And Buy Of Sliding Basket

Apr 06, 2021

General kitchen is applicable to not embroider just qualitative asphaltic Chrome plated basket. Generally can be divided into five layers of "excellent plating" technology, layer by layer, meticulous. Strict pre-treatment ensures that the coating is tightly bonded to the three layers of copper + nickel plating, isolating from electrochemical corrosion. Meet the 24 - hour acid salt spray test standard. Plating surface is flawless, anti - scratch, excellent corrosion resistance.

Only the five-storey quality process can create the top quality that is different from ordinary products:

Layer 1: Alkaline copper plating (cyanated copper plating)1-2nm (cleaning the original copper)

Layer 2: Copper pyrophosphate plating 3-5nm (enhanced adhesion)

Layer 3: Plating copper sulfate at 10nm (the density of copper acid is higher than that of copper, which plays a role in sealing cell holes on the surface of copper on the official website)

Layer 4: Nickel plating 3-5nm (anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion)

Layer 5: Chrome plated (or pearl chrome, gold)

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