The Daily Use Skill Of Mesh Pasta Basket

Mar 31, 2021

This mesh pasta basket is made with durable mesh material, and the steel-constructed front hook provides a convenient way to hang the basket out of the water after you're finished cooking to drain the excess. Ideal for making small batches of boiled foods that require different cooking times. Food grade high-quality stainless steel alloy: corrosion and rust resistant. size of punched holes is good enough to blanch and strain frozen peas and diced carrots. Best for re-hydrating dried food ingredients or reheating pasta and steamed food.Deep basket design holds foods securely for easy transfer and serving.Also, it can keeps it in place as it hangs in a deep pot when steaming or boiling food. Fits into most deep pots and cauldrons; convenient and easy to clean.

This mesh pasta basket has an ergonomic metal handle with a coating that will not conduct heat and is perfect for making small batches of boiled foods and ensures a firm and comfortable grip.Also the long handle keeps hands out of harms way.




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