Big Size Sink Grid

Big Size Sink Grid

Built out of stainless steel 304 the Sink Grid protects the bottom of your sink, allows you to thaw food easily, and helps keep a cleaner, more orderly sink.
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Product Introduction

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Built out of stainless steel 304 the Sink Grid protects the bottom of your sink, allows you to thaw food easily, and helps keep a cleaner, more orderly sink.


Protect your sink's bottom with Sink Grids. Don't let your food waste dirty the bottom of your sink. Always find protection through the elevation provided by our sinks grids. Adds extra space to your kitchen sink by elevating dishes and food. The rubber bottom helps to keep the sink grids in place. The crossbar design allows for water to drip and drop to your drain without any hassle. Also, helps to cool your food straight from the oven. It will be a perfect addition to your Double Bowl Sink you won't need any other kitchen accessory.Heavy duty design featuring 5mm and 3mm solid wire with 200 pound weight limit. Circular drain opening to match drain contour. The kitchenware is a effective, yet uncomplicated accessory for your sink. Once you see how well this minimalist wire storage basket preserves your sink and it helps to keep your sink sanitary, you’ll wonder why you never had a sink grid before.

Why Choose a Sink Grid?

Sink grids are an obvious answer to a regular problem: standing water. When you have a sink of dirty dishes and bowls, the bottom of the sink typically fills with dirty water. By installing a stainless-steel sink grid, you allow water to drain appropriately, making your sink easier to maintain and cleaner. You can also use it to defrost food faster and more efficiently because it allows air to flow around the entire item.

Product Name:

Sink Grids

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Stainless steel 304


Stainless steel


383x283mm,383x326mm,383x383mm,562x382mm,inside circle diameter :111mm



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30 days



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