Home-Style Chrome Steel Wire Shelving Storage Rack

Home-Style Chrome Steel Wire Shelving Storage Rack

A top kitchen appliance artisan focuses on designing and producing quality kitchen utensils, with over twenty years of production experience in the kitchen appliance industry offer you what you want.
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Product Details of Home-Style Chrome Steel Wire Shelving Storage Rack

Product Introduction

We focus on Spice Storage Rack, Roasting Rack, Wine Bottle Holder production for many years, we also provide personalized customization. Our products have beautiful appearance, various colors and can be customized. All those who have done marketing know that a new store or a new brand will never have an advantage in price in the early stage of business and the key lies in the volume of sales. Welcome guests and friends to visit, communicate and cooperate with our company.

One-piece anti-corrosion steel,smoothly and Sturdier, Increase the thickness of mesh and handle connection, no risk for dropping. premium-grade material, confident-buy!

QUICK DRAINING MICRO-PERFORATIONS: The tiny,closely spaced holes are evenly distributed throughout the basket,that means your food drains fast without having to tilt the bowl. Integrated drainage ring base is very stable ,won’t tip over and leave your food sitting in a puddle.

Made from stainless steel mesh with sturdy plate steel; The handles of the basket are divided into left and right sides, which are a set.The handle diameter is 6MM, a large arc handle design, and a thickened plastic protective cover, so that the handle contact has a certain safe distance from the steam ,keeps hands out of harms away cook.

Deep basket design holds more foods ,reduce usage to improve efficiency. Perfect for individual portions, too Lightweight and durable.

Multi-purpose deep basket design for rinsing, straining, steaming, blanching, par boiling, and reheating vegetables, pasta,spaghetti, noodles, egg, and dumplings.Porous water injection allows food to heat up quickly. Great as pasta strainer, it is the best companion for cooking equipment.Food Grade high quality stainless steel alloy: Corrosion And Rust Resistant.

Product Name:

pasta basket




stainless steel 304






Brown Box ,50pcs/ctn



Our factory

With the spirit of unity and pioneering, we will provide customers with high quality Home-Style Chrome Steel Wire Shelving Storage Rack at reasonable prices and timely and considerate services. We are following the sustainable development focusing on the comprehensive promotion of circular economy and the related diversified development strategy with the core of enhancing the competitiveness of our main business. Our company is strict and self-discipline. Our demand for truth-seeking stems from our own respect for ourselves and strict self-discipline.


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