Stainless Steel Rectangle Commercial Fry Basket

Stainless Steel Rectangle Commercial Fry Basket

One of the most popular fried baskets, the most used. Moderate size design, perfect match with small commercial fryer.
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Product Details of Stainless Steel Rectangle Commercial Fry Basket

Product Introduction

We want to create a first-class enterprise, cultivate professional talents, promote the development of the global Wire Wine Rack, Roasting Rack, 200mm Pull Out Wire Basket industry, and become a respected leader. In order to cater to the fierce market competition environment, our company makes every effort in the management thought, management mode and management process. Our goal is to become an enterprise with clear competitiveness and influence in the industry, with sustainable development and value creation capabilities.


One of the most popular fried baskets, the most used. Moderate size design, perfect match with small commercial fryer. The Square fried basket makes deep-frying crispy shrimp tempura, fish and other fried food easy.


The size of square fried basketare fried basket is the most conventional, the demand is large,and the production process is very special. It is formed by stamping the steel plate and straightening it, and it is automatically rolled and welded.This process can prevent the wire from falling off.This culinary basket is made from nickel plated steel which is rust and corrosion resistant and is built with a detachable handle for easy handling and storage.


Product Name:

Square fried basket

Item Number:



Iron/Stainless steel









Carton size:


Place of Origin:




Delivery time:

20 days


The front hook is convenient to hang on the fryer hanger after frying and connected to the bottom,so can carry more goods.


Two handles can be selected, high-end or economic .The installation is very simple, only need to clamp the handle in the middle of the button, and it will be completed with a break.There is no gap in the handle plastic, no screw installation is required.


We produce this catering accessory continuously, up to 1000,000pcs every month,if you want to order, we can provide stock.

This fried-basket has applied for a national appearance patent.Choose to cooperate with us, we will provide better service and price.

Since the Stainless Steel Rectangle Commercial Fry Basket has been put into production, through continuous innovation and development, its product functions have become more complete. We start with product innovation, establish the consciousness of continuous innovation, and form the core competitiveness of our company. We constantly update the production equipment, strengthen the professionalism of staff, enhance the competitiveness and differentiation of customer products, so that our service is more perfect and efficient.


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