Wall Mounted Bathroom Storage Rack

Wall Mounted Bathroom Storage Rack

This wall mounted storage rack is a new fashion trend, a kitchen space magician. Owning this set of products immediately solves the mess and dirty in the kitchen, and also upgrades the style of the kitchen.
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Product Details of Wall Mounted Bathroom Storage Rack

Product Introduction

With the changes of the market, we will further improve the scientific and technological content of our Sink Grids, Spice Rack, Kitchen Metal Cutlery Holder, and constantly introduce new products to meet the needs of our customers, so that our products and the progress of the society perfectly combined. Since the start-up, our company has been actively cooperating with customers, constantly developing products to meet customers' various needs, and the company adheres to the pursuit of product quality stability and excellence and customer service. We will not be complacent about our past successes, but will continue to create a better tomorrow with wisdom and hard work. Our company will continue to create value for customers with scientific concepts, rigorous styles and innovative concepts, and provide higher quality products and services. Welcome customers to discuss cooperation! We continue to introduce advanced production lines at home and abroad to ensure that our products can meet the different requirements of customers around the world.

Product profile

This wall mounted storage rack is a new fashion trend, a kitchen space magician. Owning this set of products immediately solves the mess and dirty in the kitchen, and also upgrades the style of the kitchen. The same configuration, different feeling. Fashion and simplicity make the kitchen more comfortable.

product description

The material of wall mounted storage rack is made of thick aluminum alloy sheet, which has high strength, light weight, good corrosion resistance and low melting point. It is a high-end material widely used in the construction industry. Can withstand up to 50KG pressure. Any corners of each shelf are smooth. Each kitchenware has its specific function. You can put chopsticks, soup spoons, pot covers, knives, spice bottles and other kitchen utensils. Use your imagination to put more things and save space.

1. Spice Rack: Two-layer design, you can put multiple seasoning bottles. Equipped with a fence to prevent the bottle from falling and improve safety.

2. Pot lid rack: up to 3 pot lids can be placed, and the bottom is equipped with a removable aluminum alloy drip tray for easy cleaning.

3. Knife holder: high-quality walnut insert board, surrounded by aluminum alloy to prevent scratches. Hollow design to avoid water accumulation.

4. Spoon, knife, fork and chopstick holder: with 2 removable environmentally friendly plastic boxes for easy sorting and placement. There is an integrated aluminum alloy drip tray at the bottom.

5. The length of the hanging rod can be freely selected for 2 pieces of 68CM or 1 piece of 130CM.

The 4 shelves can be freely matched.



Product Name:

Wall mounted storage rack


Aluminum alloy


Black /Gray



Place of Origin:




Delivery time

20 days

We strive to make the products beautiful, high quality and low price and provide after-sales service, so that our Wall Mounted Bathroom Storage Rack won the trust of customers. Our company adheres to the principle of customer first and service first and has established a complete customer tracking service system with stable and reliable product quality. Based on our unique expertise and product quality, we have gained an unparalleled reputation for reliability in our long history.


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